Lucchi Family Wine Cellars



Robert Lucchi is the son of the late Mario Lucchi and Catherine Ravioli Lucchi.  His parents immigrated from Bologna, Italy to settle into the Cabrini Avenue section of West Scranton in the early 1900’s.  It was here that Robert learned the art of wine making by helping his father at a very young age.  Mark Lucchi and his father Robert, are vinters of the old-fashioned homemade wine school.  Robert planted the original vines in the 1970’s, which today produces multiple barrels of their Concord Estate wine.

Mark to watched his father trek to the family’s home basement to make wine, which became the families’ annual tradition.  Little did they know at the time their greatest passion would lead them down the road of discover, bonding and now sharing their hard work and labor to the public.

Mary Lucchi, Mark’s mother and Robert’s wife, is the tastemeister.  So, when the men in her life create their wine, it is Mrs Lucchi’s duty to raise her glass in approval or send the duo back to the vineyard to start anew.

Today, we are excited about the next chapter in Lucchi family wine making.  We look forward to sharing our passion with the West Scranton community and friends.   Come join us!